Patek Philippe Aquanaut new model-2011 Luce Replica watch

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Patek Philippe Aquanaut new model-2011 Luce Replica watch

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fake patek philippe is the only mark that can monitor the lifetime quality of the watch, and do not need to consider the date of production of the watch. It has detailed enforcement rules and is governed by an independent regulator. Combined with other quality standards, this "mark" represents patek philippe's commitment to provide lifelong maintenance and repair services for every timepiece made by patek philippe since 1839. (please refer to the earlier content)

Patek philippe museum

Patek philippe museum has been watch fans as a very sacred place, but also every watch fans yearning place. The museum, located in Geneva, Switzerland, was built in 1920 as a studio for gem cutters and jewelers. Bought by patek philippe in 1975, it makes cases, chains and some jewellery. There are more than 2000 pieces of horological works in the museum, covering the masterpieces of horological art from all over the world over the past 500 years. There are various classic and extraordinary antique horological works since the 16th century, as well as various chronograph works since the establishment of patek philippe in 1839. Not to mention the technology for the time being, just to see the design and technology of each piece, can let you marvel, can not help feeling people's pursuit of art and machinery and constant exploration.

Patek philippe villa

Patek Philippe, whose English writing is Maison Patek Philippe,replica watches for sale can be regarded as Patek Philippe's second "home" outside Geneva, inheriting the history and value of this century-old family brand. In 2005, the patek philippe boutique opened in Shanghai, marking the brand's official entry into the Chinese market. In 2008, patek philippe opened its second boutique in China in Beijing. In 2012, patek philippe Shanghai yuan di replace Shanghai boutique, for China's watch collectors and enthusiasts to provide a more private place, feel Geneva's only independent watchmaking family tradition of excellence.

At present, patek philippe is still the world's only manual refining, and can complete all the watchmaking process in the original factory manufacturers, and adhere to the traditional process of watches. Swiss watch industry calls this kind of traditional manufacturing technique "7 kinds of traditional watchmaking craft of Geneva", namely integrated the traditional craft of stylist, horologist, goldsmith, watchchain craftsman, sculptor, porcelain painter and gem mason. 100 da feili believes deeply, the famous watch that makes by the clever hand of master of this kind of craft all is art curiousity, and this also is 100 da feili horological the characteristic that deserves pride most. Watch lovers noble mark is a patek philippe table, noble artistic realm and expensive production materials shaped patek philippe enduring brand effect.